USA Base

After continued requests over the years we recognised the need to set up a Houston operation to satisfy the increasing demand for our refinery and petrochemical cleaning technology and the immediate ROI it delivers.

With an armoury of robotic and remote technologies to remove fouling from the most inaccessible and fouled critical heat transfer plant, we are keen to introduce truly revolutionary cleaning systems that achieve dramatic cost savings for clients. Unlike traditional water jetting and chemicals, our extensive suite of technologies can achieve close to 100 per cent heat exchanger cleanliness, bringing performance back to design levels for improved production, run lengths, downtime, energy consumption, CO2 emissions, mechanical works and asset life cycle costs amounting to previously untapped multi millions dollar savings!

Christian Chanel, Tube Tech’s Vice President who will be leading Tube Tech’s US operations, said, “Our Houston operation enables us to effectively extend our services across the Gulf Coast market, which has been a welcomed move by our clients. It’s exciting to see the industry really embrace new fouling removal technologies and the wide-ranging benefits these have. We have no doubt that our robotic technology is the future for the industry.”

To improve your profits, contact us to find out more about our step change refinery and petrochemical cleaning technologies in Houston using the form below.


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