Specialist UHP Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

Innovative Specialist Water Jetting Techniques

High pressure water jetting delivers on average 1000 bar (15000 psi) with approximate water volumes of 12 gallons (52 LPM) per minute and has long been a reliable (often the only) method for industrial cleaning. The emergence of increased pressure with ultra high pressure water jetting brings an even more powerful tool to bear on your most challenging cleaning projects.

Working at pressure up to 60,000 psi (4000 bar) and speeds of Mach 1.5, the ultra high pressure water jetting service provided by Tube Tech is unlike any other. Tube Tech has developed a variety of systems that make its use of the technique very different to the industry norm.

From removing hazardous chemical waste and fused polymer from within silos to unblocking concrete from drains and cutting warheads ready for disposal, Tube Tech has designed, developed and used high pressure water jetting to solve some of industries’ most unusual and difficult cleaning challenges.

If you have had disappointing experiences with ultra high pressure water jetting contractors in the past or if you are keen to learn more about the benefits of ultra high pressure water jetting please contact us.

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