Specialist Cleaning

Solving the Most Difficult Cleaning Challenges

Tube Tech International Ltd regularly solves seemingly impossible hydro blast cleaning projects, no matter the size or how critical.

We welcome enquiries when other service providers have tried and failed or where clients struggle to achieve good results from traditional high-pressure water jetting methods.

Tube Tech is the world’s most inventive hydro blasting company – able to use high pressure water jetting to improve plant performance.

The environment, safety, time, downtime and plant asset costs, access and complexity are all factors that need to be taken into account when appointing an industrial cleaning contractor.

Tube Tech’s solutions are always based on doing things better. Whatever ‘better’ may mean to each client.

Our return on investment ROI averages between 4% and 40%.

A reduction in downtime often saves millions. Our safer methods eliminate any risk to operators or others in a working area. For example, our zero waste water jetting systems allow others to weld in the near vicinity and our in-situ cleaning technology avoids the need to extract heat exchangers down to the jetting bay for cleaning.

Careful planning is key to Tube Tech’s success. To ensure its methodology works on site first time, even when unexpected circumstances arise, Tube Tech will work through all possible scenarios, combinations of equipment and techniques to ensure the down side is covered and an ideal system is applied to achieve success.

Rest assured that when we and our clients encounter an unexpected obstacle, we will either modify an existing proven system or, more often than not, develop a bespoke solution.

To find out about Tube Tech’s innovative high-pressure water jetting and many other alternatives to hydro blasting, please complete this contact form.

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