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Expertise, passion and determination to innovate through research and development is in Tube Tech International International’s DNA. Robotic industrial technologies are developed to globally solve the most severe fouling issues from within the most critical and inaccessible fired and unfired process plant found within up and downstream energy sectors. Our R&D Team consists of design and research engineers who continually innovate, using latest software, materials and technologies that deliver the safest solutions and the spectacular benefits we are renowned for.

We work with the world’s leading experts, scientists, engineers and educational researchers to deliver an ongoing programme focused on solving heavy Industries’ most complex challenges and addressing climate change.

Tube Tech International Internationals research and development protocol has been recognised at the highest levels of industry, and in 2018/19 a consortium, led by Tube Tech International International’s R&D team received multi-million-Euro EU Commission Horizon 2020 research and innovation Instrument Programme funding to research and develop ground-breaking solutions for the wider industry.

SHELL SIDE JET - Heat exchanger fouling is responsible for over a billion dollars in lost revenue for refineries every year across the world. Over time, any build-up of fouling will impede flow, thermal and mechanical performance, accelerate corrosion and increase pressure drop.

Alongside decreased performance profits and increased downtime, any of these fouling-related instabilities will have a negative, long-term impact on CO2 emissions. Enabled by Horizon 2020 European Commission funding, Tube Tech International will develop the next generation of its
patented Shell Side Jet™ solution, which will deliver the very first ever, guaranteed technology to remove fouling from the outside heat transfer surface of shell and tube exchangers. Our vision is to engineer the solution for operators and contractors alike that will positively impact the future
of the refining and petrochemical sector, its stakeholders and the environment.
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FLOW OPTIMISER - Non-uniform flow in heat exchangers is responsible for hugely excessive CO2 and energy emissions and billions of wasted dollars. Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers (STHEs) are the most commonly used heat exchangers worldwide, with one thing in common, they don’t provide uniform product fluid flow. This lack of uniform flow results in an accumulation of fouling in the headers, creating blockages, disturbing the flow path and creating reduced production, which causes a lack of heat transfer coefficient, increased fouling rates and energy consumption and, ultimately, a shorter asset life on a global scale.

Enabled by a multi-million Horizon 2020 European Commission funding grant, Tube Tech International Ltd (TTIL) will develop the Flow Optimiser, an STHE enhancer capable of creating enormous global reductions in energy and CO2 emissions by significantly increasing STHE energy efficiency in the oil, gas, power and chemical sectors. Our vision is to create a positive long-term impact on global CO2 emissions and create billions of dollars of savings for refineries around the world, positively impacting the future of the refining and petrochemical
sector, its stakeholders and the environment.

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