Remote Access and Robotic Cleaning Technology and Techniques

The demand for safe, robotic, and remotely operated services is on the increase. While there are already a host of inspection robots and lightweight manipulators there are very few cleaning robots able to remotely access process plant items.

Safe, rapid deployment and +90% clean as standard

It is often overlooked that one can only inspect the asset integrity of fired and unfired assets or steel structures if the surface has been adequately prepared. All too often, inspection fails due to one simple oversight, namely: “How Clean is Clean?”

As a world leader in robotic cleaning technology Tube Tech International has invested significantly over three decades to develop a globally patented portfolio of robotic cleaning and inspection solutions to ensure unrivalled cleanliness is achieved first time every time.

Tube Tech International’s pioneering work in robotic cleaning technology has been recognised in multi-million-euro European Commission Horizon 2020 funding to research and develop new fouling removal techniques.

Just some of the benefits delivered by robotic cleaning technology from Tube Tech International:

  • Design thermal efficiency
  • More than 90% clean as standard
  • Reduced downtime
  • Asset integrity
  • Unrivalled cleaning results regardless of level or type of fouling
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Improved safety
  • Real-time inspection and verification
  • No man entry, ensuring optimum safety

World-class robotic cleaning technology delivering significant, fast ROI in performance and profit.

Innovation news: read about Shell Side Jet and Flow Optimiser – coming soon to introduce the very latest fouling removal technologies with guaranteed results to uninformed industries.

Contact our team for more information on robotic cleaning technology and let us help you solve even the most critical fouling removal maintenance challenges.


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