Post Contract Report - Your Essential Close Out Document

Whenever a refinery or petrochemical plant achieves a notable success in cleaning the 'un-cleanable' I find it amazing that no forethought is ever put into recording the data.

I'm not just talking about the company used, the invoice value, the time and date or the general method used such as chemicals or high pressure jetting. Anyone can do that!

I'm talking about comprehensive details regarding who was involved, their responsibilities, respective action plans, what was said on-site and why, what delays were encountered on-site, how were they overcome, was the correct pressure and volume achieved during water jetting and so on.

This approach is absolutely vital if any refinery is to learn from successful as well as unsuccessful experiences.

A further example is when capturing data for the plant engineering and inspection groups who are there to make an informed decision on life cycle analysis. All too often life cycle analysis is undetermined due to poor data collection during previous shutdowns -  not least as a result of poor cleaning done in previous TA cycles.

Tube Tech now provides a hard copy “close out document/report” outlining everything from enquiry to completion, i.e. technology approach, cost, rates, equipment cleaning analysis data, etc.

In my opinion a post contract report should be standard practice within refinery groups as well as independent refineries. What do you think?

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