When Others Have Tried and Failed

At Tube Tech we do not speak about refinery cleaning 'problems' only about refinery cleaning 'challenges'

We love challenges!

A definition of a cleaning challenge might include one or more of the following scenarios:

1) Where others have tried and failed to clean.

2) Where the client deems that cleaning is seemingly impossible and is therefore looking to replace the fouled asset.

3) Something which is critical path, in other words, if the inability to clean the asset makes the shut down overrun, it will cost the refinery millions of dollars a day.

4) Better still if a client has been using traditional technology for decades but wishes to know if there is something better out there.

Our philosophy is to ask clients to allow us to challenge their current cleaning procedures and technologies to provide an alternative Tube Tech method which:

+Is faster and reduces downtime, +Achieves a higher standard of cleanliness, +Is much safer and avoids risk to the operator by using remote and automated cleaning technologies, +Creates less waste, +Can involve cleaning dry without water or even a secondary waste - is similar to high-pressure water jetting but without the water, and +Can involve cleaning in situ, which means without the need to pull or extract a heat exchanger or vessel from its shell or position. Traditional approaches often mean pulling everything out to ground.

There is always a better way - the Tube Tech way

Tube Tech International

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