Never Forget the Shell Side!

Accessing the external shell side of Texas Towers / VCFE / CCR Platformers can be difficult…

but difficult is what we like at Tube Tech!

In some refineries Texas Towers found in the CCR Platformer area have a fully welded shell and tube bundle. As a consequence, the tube bundle can never be pulled unless cut and re-welded -while not impossible this creates challenges for thorough shell side cleaning and inspection.

Common cleaning procedures such as a water wash to dissolve ammonium chloride salts and a dew point wash to dissolve PCAs which includes a standard chemical circulation procedure where hot water and a cleaning agent is circulated through the shell side top to bottom. More often than not refineries report a short term ROT-HIT recovery but within a couple of months a rapid decline in performance. For this reason Tube Tech has developed an alternative mechanical shell side cleaning method that caters for such welded exchangers.

Many refineries work with Tube Tech to lift and support Vertical Combined Feed and Effluent Exchangers (Texas Towers) to clean “both” tube and shell side simultaneously. Request a Call Back

Shell and Tube Side Texas Tower Cleaning at French Refinery

2 x Texas Towers Cleaning Shell and Tube Side at Middle East Refinery