Tube Cleaning & Inspection by MISTRAS® & Tube Tech

MISTRAS Group and Tube Tech International provide a one source provision of tube cleaning and inspection services for Heat Exchangers, Boilers, and Condensers to customers in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and power generation industries worldwide. Customers are provided with enhanced cleaning and inspection services and ‘right the first time’ services, deployed within a quality, efficient, and cost effective package.


  • IAssured standard of clean – Right first time IRIS standard
  • ECT, RFT, NFT, MFL and IRIS inspection from one unit
  • Unique quantifiable added value for Client – cleaned and inspected in one process
  • Ability to clean and inspect Exchangers etc. in-situ
  • Comprehensive and timely reporting
  • Twisted Tube combined cleaning / inspection
  • Plant condition monitoring offering after combined cleaning and inspection
  • Standardised and efficient procurement process
  • Reduction in logistical resource required


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