Robotic cleaning comes to the USA via the Tube Tech International Houston Operation

We are delighted to announce the launch of Tube Tech International’s new base in Houston, Texas, allowing us to be responsive to the needs of the oil and gas capital of the world.

Having worked in the US for some time, the response to our technology has been overwhelming – not least because of the instant ROI it delivers. Refineries were losing millions of dollars on lengthy and preventable shutdowns, which is where Tube Tech International’s unique portfolio of heat transfer plant cleaning and inspection solutions deliver unrivalled results.

We have built our world-wide reputation on a process of relentless innovation, responding to historical and new challenges in fouled equipment to deliver unrivalled solutions, including the world’s leading robotic and remote cleaning technology. We’re proud to have consistently achieved huge cost savings for clients on production downtime, energy, manpower, removal equipment and improved unit lifetime – bringing the efficiency of refining processes back to design levels.

Our new base of operations in Houston will only extend our commitment to helping clients generate more profit. An example of this is our recent alliance with Jetstream of Houston LLP, which will enhance our service portfolio with assured access to North America’s leading pump equipment range and, in doing so, enable us to pass logistical savings on to our customers for further competitive advantage.

We’re looking forward to delivering our services and expertise direct to refineries on the Gulf Coast. The operation will be headed by Vice President, Christian Chanel

An inaugural reception to officially celebrate the opening of Tube Tech International’s US base of operations is planned to take place at the British Consulate, Houston, in June. Date to be determined.

Tube Tech Inc US office: 6623 Willowbrook Park, Houston, Texas 77066 +1 832 286 1322