Manoir Pitres SAS & Tube Tech International Ltd Sign Exclusive JV

Manoir Industries and Tube Tech Limited announce the signature of a Joint-Venture to provide additional services to their customers. The Joint-Venture, called TTM, will be, on a set list of countries, the commercial vehicle to promote Tube Tech’s Revolutionary Fired Heater Convection Bank Cleaning Robot that can achieve 90% convection bank cleanliness, no matter how severe the fouling, compared with typically 40-45% surface area from other cleaning technologies thereby dramatically improving fired heater performance and energy efficiencies.

A special focus on France and China will take place where all cleaning technologies, not only the robotic cleaning, will apply.

Manoir Industries is a global leader in design, manufacture and supply of centrifugal casting tubes and other steel casting components such as radiant coils for the ethylene industry, inlet and outlet manifolds, cold & hot collectors, transfer lines, pigtails, harps…dedicated to the syngas, methanol and fertilizer industries. In addition, Manoir Industries provides a wide range of services including metallurgy expertise, welding supervision, site welding, and certified welding training.

Tube Tech is a global leader in providing a truly High Tech Specialist Industrial Cleaning Service who apply proven researched & developed technologies to solve the most challenging fouling removal issues within the Refining and Petrochemical sectors.

“This Joint-venture agreement is clearly another major milestone in our strategy to diversify services to clients. TTM is going to be for the clients in the concerned countries, a visible flag of both Manoir & Tubetech to support their respective businesses.” underlined Hugues Chasselin, Senior VP Technical Support & Projects from Manoir, now president of TTM.

“We look forward to develop further innovations with Manoir Industries to introduce an unsurpassed product and after sales cleaning service support package to all global petrochemical plants such as Ethylene, Ammonia, Syngas, Hydrogen and Methanol,” says Mike Watson, CEO & Technical Director of Tube Tech.

Manoir Industries, an international metal processing casting and forging group, develops proprietary alloys and manufactures high performance metal components molded and forged for the petrochemical, nuclear, oil extraction, civil engineering, energy, defense and construction markets. The solid expertise reputation has driven sustainable position through the worldwide industry and its customers.

Tube Tech has been leading innovation in cleaning and inspection solutions to all heavy industrial sectors for 30 years, providing a specialist and high quality cleaning service. With its in-house research and development team it has pioneered step-change high-tech solutions that have revolutionized the industry. Their record of accomplishment of successfully completion on each project has enabled them to build a solid reputation as the ‘go-to’ company when faced with the most difficult of cleaning challenges. These proven technologies, each with the ability to be tailored to specific scenarios allows them to offer not only unrivalled savings and efficiencies to their clients through reduced downtime, maintenance costs, improved performance, limited water usage but significant reduction in CO2 emissions.