New Guaranteed Removal of Shell Side Exchanger Fouling

High Pressure Water Jetting is arguably the most preferred method of heat exchanger cleaning over chemicals, especially during shutdowns.

Water jetting lances have never in the history of cleaning, physically accessed between the 3-5mm tube spacing and therefore have always left deposits buried deep within the bundle that prevent heat transfer occurring. Some may have noticed only the first two tube rows are ever cleaned. Look more closely between the tubes and the remaining 20, 50 or 100 rows remain 50% to 80% fouled with deposits ranging from process scale, iron oxides, coke, polymers etc.

Imagine the cost of increased energy consumption, higher CO2 emissions, increased downtime, greater under scale corrosion and reduced asset life as a result. ShellJeTT is the world’s first shell side cleaning technology that goes between the spacing and removes all shell side exchanger fouling no matter how severe.