Water & Sewage

Water & Sewage

Unrivaled water & sewage cleaning services.
Tube Tech, the world’s most foremost tube and pipe cleaning specialist, has developed innovative systems to remove the hardest blockages and fouling from pipework and sewers.

These powerful systems offer effective cleaning for assets that would otherwise have to be excavated and replaced. We provide specialist cleaning and inspection services to a range of organisations with responsibility for water management and supply, including:

Regional water authorities
Critical sewer management teams
Civil engineering contractors

We also provide: Specialist cleaning of pipes to remove concrete, wax, fat etc, Removing steel RSJs and pile intrusions from pipes, Removing collapsed drain liners, Removing concrete to expose pipework or rebars and Drain and pipe inspection.

The Tube Tech difference
Tube Tech has proven its ability to solve water sector cleaning challenges that other contractors deem impossible. Customers benefit from our ability to clean through a restricted access and the use of innovative equipment designed for remote operations. We also provide bespoke bend negotiating equipment that offers access for cleaning in the most challenging situations. We have an emergency response service and operatives trained to work in confined spaces.


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