Nuclear Decontamination

Nuclear Decontamination

Clean, safe and effective results for the nuclear sector.
Nuclear power makes an important and established contribution to the world’s energy needs. The development of new technologies in the nuclear industry has prompted the need for innovative cleaning technologies to assist with decontamination and decommissioning.

Tube Tech provides a variety of innovative and exceptionally safe decommissioning techniques and services to the nuclear industry in on- and offshore settings. Our view is that nuclear decontamination and decommissioning are safer, faster and more effective when innovative and remote cleaning techniques are used. Our services for the nuclear industry include:

Heat exchanger decontamination
Hairpin exchanger decontamination
Unique nuclear pond skip decontamination system
Laser decontamination
Rotaflex dry pipe cleaning
Robotic decontamination
Contra rotating motor for tube decontamination
Specialist coatings

We also provide decontamination services. Possibly the most difficult of cleaning requirements, in terms of safety, decontamination is one of the many services on which Tube Tech has built its formidable reputation.

In the nuclear industry it is vital to minimise radioactive waste in any cleaning process and laser cleaning presents a perfect solution. Laser ablation to decontaminate nuclear facilities has many advantages including the possibility of remote control (non-man entry systems). This dry cleaning process creates zero secondary waste. Lead contaminated fuel tanks in which petrol was once stored still present problems to the petrochemical industry.

Lead decontamination to make the tanks ready for environmentally-sound disposal is another area in which Tube Tech has obtained vast experience.

Other industries in which Tube Tech provides decontamination services are:


The Tube Tech difference 
Tube Tech has an exemplary safety record for providing services to the nuclear sector. Through a variety of remote decontamination systems, our approach minimises human exposure during these operations. Our in-house research and development facilities enable us to focus on meeting new client needs as they arise, and our rapid response service provides the industry with outstanding levels of support wherever they operate.


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