5 days Rapid Clean Texas Tower (VCFE Platformer) in Philippines via Narrow Access

Platformer feed/effluent exchanger clean

Last cleaned in 2001 this Philippine Texas Tower needed cleaning to improve performance during their 2009 shutdown but time was critical.
Tube Tech used 3 Fast clean systems, specifically for VCFE tube cleaning, to quickly and safely remove 8 years worth of sludge, scale and blockages from within the tubes.

The Challenge

  • 3186 fouled tubes.
  • Fouling severity unknown.
  • Access to tube face via a 2 inch top nozzle and side man way.


  • Bespoke remote technologies applied.
  • Cleaned within 5 days – ahead of time limit provided by client.

Tube Tech Comment

Mike Watson, MD and Technical Director : $Bc`W5(Bhe challenge here was reaching across the 1.5m wide tube sheet and drilling 18m long, 14mm diameter tubes, through the smallest VCFE access we have ever faced, namely a 2$Bc`(Bウ nozzle, positioned centrally on the top header. Our 3D animation team put together a visualisation and a fly through animation for the client to show how we would access and clean the tubes from both the top and the side access points.

Images and videos associated with this project are available via Tube Tech International
Click here to request to see them.


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