Mud Pump Pipe Cleaning at Tube Tech HQ

Heavy rust deposits removed quickly

Mud pump pipes from an offshore oil platform required descaling & cleaning. Tube Tech was selected for the contract because of their excellent in-house cleaning facilities and the extensive experience of their cleaning technicians with such products.

Tube Tech mobilised to the Caribbean and successfully cleaned the exchanger, even though details of restricted top access were somewhat lost in translation. However, by modifying its automated technology, Tube Tech continued work from below and successfully pressure jetted the tubes.

The Challenge

  • 4 horizontal mud pump pipes.
  • Internal heavy rust deposit.
  • Client required production standard clean.


  • Mud pump pipes inspected both before and after cleaning.
  • Using a controlled feed rate Tube Tech’s advanced high pressure water jetting techniques combined with cleaning heads that provided 360° surface contact stripped the scale back to bare metal.

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “We were pleased to be able to assist our client in the cleaning of these mud pump pipes. Our technicians were able to clean the pipes quickly and effectively meaning they were shipped back to the client ahead of schedule.”

Images and videos associated with this project are available via Tube Tech International
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