Tube Tech Services – Intercooler & Aftercooler Cleaning

The Challenge

  • Lowered performance on the steam driven turbine prompted DCL to consider an additional clean of the finned tube bundles from inside.
  • This would deal with debris sucked up by the 36 enormous cooling fans when construction work was still being completed during commissioning.


  • Tube Tech was the only company in the competitive tender which could satisfy the desired criteria of using the existing walkways to clean the tubes 35ft above.
  • “Other companies had advised the use of rope access method or secondary staging to read the full extent of the tube surfaces,” explained a DCL spokesman.
  • Only Tube Tech advised they would be able to carry out the cleaning in the way considered the safest option.
  • Faced with the largest and highest Apex Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) it has tackled – covering 34,000 square metres of bare surface.
  • Tube Tech used several different systems and also developed an additional technique which involved a hi-tech light weight alloy system and a handling process specific to the site.
  • Mike Watson, Managing Director of Tube Tech said: “We created a mock-up prototype and tested its effectiveness on a lifesize replica at our premises. The final result exceeded expectations.”

Tube Tech Comment

Scott Donson, Technical Sales Manager: “Our client initially contacted us to perform the cleaning work only, but after a short conversation he realised that the whole workscope could be undertaken by the Tube Tech team. With the right planning we were able to strip and clean the oil cooler in the timescale initially allotted for the Intercooler and aftercooler work only. Not only did we perform the shutdown within the time allowed, but exceeded our own and the client’s expectations.

Images and videos associated with this project are available via Tube Tech International
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