TTIL’s pioneering technology restores optimum heat duty at Australian ammonium nitrate facility

Case Study

Tube Tech International Ltd. (TTIL) was contracted by a producer of ammonium nitrate products sited in Queensland Australia. The fully integrated ammonium nitrate facility produces 210,000 tonnes of explosive grade ammonium nitrate every year as it services the Queensland's mining industry.

The plant had been experiencing performance issues with their steam hydrocarbon reforming furnace due to fouling and was not achieving the required temperatures without additional energy consumption. Having never been cleaned before, and built in 1998, the facility contracted Tube Tech; the world-leading specialist in convection section cleaning technology.

The TTIL team was mobilised well in advance of the turnaround so that all preparations and planning could be performed in good time. TTIL mobilised their globally proven robotic crawler, which is capable of ‘reaching down between the tubes’ and cleaning with pin point accuracy.

The lance robot was able to reach each and every row of tubes through the triangular pitch and the team were able to complete the assignment, with minimal vessel entry at the top only, removing fouling and restoring heat duty to the convection section without the use of chemicals. The project was completed in the time allocated by the site TAR team.

By engaging the specialist services of TTIL, the customer was able to achieve the desired level of cleanliness, and simultaneously reduce the cost of asset replacement.

Tube Tech International is the heat exchanger cleaning specialist. If fouled heat equipment is impacting your process performance, contact us to restore your throughput and profits today.

Images and videos associated with this project are available via Tube Tech International
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