TTIL adapts robotic technology to restore never-been-cleaned convection unit at Hungarian oil and gas plant

Tube Tech International (TTIL) was contracted through our TTM alliance with Manoir Industries by a leading international, integrated oil and gas company centrally based in Hungary to provide robotic cleaning of a Furnace F1061 convection unit. The unit had never been cleaned before, so TTIL’s globally proven Robotic Technology was adapted for the first cleaning of the fired heater convection unit.

The Challenge

The Tube Tech team, comprising of three operative technicians plus one manager, approached the project knowing that there would be difficulties with their preferred method due to insufficient space between the cleaning gaps, preventing the insertion of Tube Tech’s robotic lance. However, thanks to the expertise held within the team, the Tube Tech operatives were able to apply an alternative solution and maintain delivery of our globally proven results.

We prepared ourselves by installing a substitute cleaning attachment, more suitable to the exact specification of the unit, and, following the deployment of TTIL’s robotic convection bank cleaning technology, the once heavily fouled asset was significantly transformed.


The contract was executed on time in 10 days, including mobilisation, site induction, set-up and de-mobilisation. By using Tube Tech International’s technology which, unlike other cleaning methods, allows for cleaning deep between all finned rows within each Convection Bank, the customer was able to restore near 100% heat duty to the Furnace F1061 convection unit. Consequently, this optimised the performance of the unit to enable the release of continuous energy savings.

The robot, remotely operated by our expert team, has allowed our client to experience an instant return on investment on our service, while also dramatically reducing the risk of costly replacement machinery.

Tube Tech International is the heat exchanger cleaning specialist. If fouled heat exchangers are impacting your process performance, contact us to increase your throughput and profit today.

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